Weicheng - dedicated to refining the entire series of badminton equipment.
Weichen Sports was founded in 2006. After 17 years of development,

Wesson has become a global supplier of high-quality badminton supplies.Products are exported to 42 countries.

The company has 9 patented technologies, 9 proprietary technologies, and 9 special processes.

It has established cooperative relationships with more than 300 badminton training institutions and more than 500 clubs, with more than 12 million users.

Among them are four-time badminton champion Songpong, Thomas Cup champion DENI,

MR.YAP, one of the two great Datos in badminton,

Former national team members Xue Song, Yang Chen and others are all loyal partners of Wesson.

Wesson will continue to follow the value of "being a conscientious person and doing things with conscience".

From the top ten in China to the top ten in the world.

Brand History
Registered VS trademark in the UK, the Wesson brand started
Customized rackets for domestic and foreign badminton coaches, and successfully developed the ultra-light badminton racket NP7700
We cooperated with Thomas Cup champion DENI in Indonesia to promote and achieved good results. DENI is still a loyal distributor of Wesson today.
Developed and launched the VG002 sweat belt, which was quickly welcomed by the market due to its comfort, durability and cost-effectiveness, with cumulative sales exceeding 20 million pieces.
After years of technological research and development, Weichen has obtained 6 national patents. Its product quality is stable and original, and it has been repeatedly loved and recognized by customers.
Because of its better understanding of golfers' needs and grasp of the future direction of the market, Wesson has established good cooperative relations with more than 300 training institutions.
Wesson cooperates with distributors in 42 countries to promote and is successfully registered in 56 countries
Thai badminton star "Songpong" and other Thai players endorse Wesson
During the COVID-19 pandemic, Wesson began to make efforts in marketing, which enabled the company to maintain growth in performance and improve its brand reputation. Many of its popular products were nicknamed "Chinese boutique" and "involutionary demon".
Continue to do three things well: create superior

Our Mission: Focus on and improve the full range of badminton equipment

corporate vision: From the top 10 domestic brands to the top 10 global brands

Corporate values:Be a conscientious person and do things with conscience

Brand spirit: The purer, the happier

Technical features:9 patented technologies, 9 proprietary technologies, and 9 special processes

Racket Manifesto: The car can't be damaged by pressure or high temperature